Telecommunications (Consumer Protection) Rules 2017

The Regulator pursuant to section 8(1) of the Telecommunications Act 2005 ("the Act") is mandated to make rules for such matters considered necessary for giving effect to the provisions of the Act. The evolving nature of ICT requires measures to protect consumers. Accordingly, the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection) Rules 2017 ("the Rule") aim to promote the efficient and reliable provision of telecommunications services and protect the interests of consumers of telecommunications services in accordance with the objectives set out under the Act.

Telecommunications (Consumer Protection) Rules 2017

Complaints and Disputes

The Regulator has the power to resolve various telecommunication disputes. This is a form of alternative dispute resolution and is designed to give service providers and consumers an alternative to going to Court to resolve their differences.

the Regulator's power to resolve dispute should be used as a "last resort". Service providers and customers must first make reasonable efforts to resolve their dispute between themselves before they ask the Regulator to assist.

The following disputes may be referred to the Regulator for Assistance:

Anti-competitive practices

Customer complaints

Complaints Form 

Please Provide Written Complaint and address to the Regulator 


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