With the proliferation of new technologies and the growing demand for telecommunication services, the demand on spectrum has increased rapidly. The greatest demand has in the past come from television and radio communications and with the new focus on mobile telephone services, broadband and the delivery of data in high speeds, there is a growing demand for spectrum to facilitate these services. With the recent events of September 29th, the Office of the Regulator is also working on creating a specific allocation for natural disasters and emergency services. Today, there are approximately over 30 active licensed/authorized users of the spectrum in Samoa, utilizing frequencies up to 58.2GHz.

The National Spectrum Management Plan was last established in 2000 and has been modified from time to time since. But with the proliferation of new technologies it is essential to revise the National Spectrum Plan in its entirety so that it could become the basis for development and spectrum utilization activities in the country amongst the user. The National Management Spectrum Plan is currently under review and the revised National Spectrum Plan 2009 would be made public early 2012 after consultation with stakeholders and the public.

National Frequency Allocation Table

Principle for Frequency Assignment

Radio Frequency Allocation Chart