Telecommunications Act 2005

Telecommunications Amendment Act 2007 (English)

Telecommunications Amendment Act 2007 (Samoan)

Telecommunications Amendment Act 2008

Telecommunications Amendment Act 2020 (Samoan)

Telecommunications Amendment Act 2020 (English)


The Telecommunications Act 2005 as amended prohibits the provision of telecommunications services and networks to the public for direct of indirect compensation without a licence.

the Regulator issues telecommunications licences as either individual licences of class licences. Under the Act, the Regulator may exempt certain specified activities or classes of persons from the requirement to hold a licence. The Office of the Regulator monitors compliance with all licences. 

Telecommunications licences are separate and additional to radio spectrum licences. Service providers who use the radio spectrum to provide telecommunications services are required to apply for and hold both a radio spectrum licence and a telecommunications licence.

Licensing Procedures & Fees

Applications for an individual licence must be in writing and accompanied by the prescribed fee.

Telecommunications Licence Fee Regulations 2018 (Samoan)

Telecommunications License Fee Regulations 2018 (English)

List of Telecom Provides

Register Telecommunications Licenses

Universal Access

Universal Access requirement aim to promote service coverage and ongoing network roll-out in a competitive market. They aim to ensure that service providers continue to service uneconomic areas or customers, such as remote or difficult to access areas and low-income customers groups.

Universal Access Policy English

Universal Access Policy Samoan  

Numbering Plan

National Numbering Plan

Numbering Request Forms 

Request Form for Fixed Line Number

Request Form for Mobile Number Range

Request Form for New Number Range

Request Form for Short Code

Request Form for Toll Free Number 

Type Approval 

Type Approval Process/Procedure 

Type Approval Rules 2018 (English)

Type Approval Rules (Samoan)

Radio Spectrum 

Spectrum Management

Radio Spectrum Rules 2018 (English)

Radio Spectrum Rules 2018 (Samoan)

Radio Spectrum Fees Amendment Regulations 2018 (English)

Radio Spectrum Fees Amendment Regulations 2018 (Samoan)

Application Form

Application Form


Radio Spectrum Fees Regulations 2007

Radio spectrum Fees Amendment Regulations 2015

Frequency Plan

National Frequency Plan


Any standards