The Office of the Regulator under the Telecommunication Act 2005, as amended, S.60 may issue an order to do one or more of the following:

 (a) decide that certain types of telecommunications equipment proposed to be attached to telecommunications network that are used to provide telecommunications service to the public require approval for such attachment;

 (b) publish criteria for certification and establish standards for approval of telecommunications services or telecommunications networks;

(c) identify domestic or foreign organizations or testing facilities for approval of telecommunications equipment for the use in connection with telecommunications service or telecommunications network; and

(d) maintain register of certified or approved types of telecommunications equipment, criteria for certification and standards for approval.

 The Regulator in accordance with her responsibilities has determined that in issue type approval for equipment, the Regulator will accept certification from the authorities listed below in the Type Approval Rules.

Type Approval Rules (English) 2018

Type Approval Rules (Samoan) 2018

Application Process

 1.  Application for type approval shall be made in writing. (Application and accompanying documents must be in English). The application should be accompanied by:

             a.  technical documentation;

             b.  technical evaluation process report;

             c.  related user operation manual.

             d.  test report from the manufacturer or accredited  laboratory and;

 e.  Declaration of Conformity certificate from the  relevant Regulator                            Authority.

2.  Those products that meet the required technical specifications and comply with the approved international standards, will be granted type approval for use in Samoa.

3.  Type approved equipment may also be exempt from radio licence fees;

4.  Applications for type approval shall be made through manufacturers of the equipment or local providers/retailers.

5.  Samples are required to submit for assessments against the documentations.

List of recognized Regulatory Authorities for type approved equipment.

·        Australian Communication Media Authority (ACMA)

·        New Zealand Ministry of Economic and Development

·        Federal Communication Commission (FCC)

·        European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI))

Application Form (PDF)